Why Should I Buy a Berkey?

Top 10 Reasons to Select a Berkey® System

  1. Black Berkey® Element testing goes further. Don’t settle for one test, one sample.
  2. Berkey® systems are made for the extreme, capable of filtering raw, untreated sources.
  3. Black Berkey® Element tests reveal effectiveness over time.
  4. You can rely on the calculated lifespan of Black Berkey® Elements.
  5. A pair of Black Berkey® Elements last up to 6,000 gallons.
  6. Berkey® Systems shares the truth about fluoride reduction.
  7. Priming Berkey® Elements is a pro in the real world.
  8. Berkey® systems come in seven sizes, with the largest holding 6 gallons.
  9. Berkey® systems are efficient, and most can be expanded to produce more water, faster.
  10. A pair of Black Berkey® Elements average 2 cents per gallon of filtered water.

In short, the Berkey is quality, cost-effective, and reliable!